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Copywriting services for lifestyle medicine, alternative health providers, and entrepreneurs.


With virtually no fixed or variable costs, an e-newsletter is the perfect way to provide existing clients with great content, while generating new client leads. And who doesn't want to hear from a business that they love? By sending your current clients an e-newsletter, they hear from you often and have the latest truth-in-medicine at their fingertips. This is one of my most fun projects, and clients devour the content. Weekly, or monthly content marketing- you choose. 

Email Campaigns

Every wellness provider's goal is to reduce or eliminate their clients pain points. Let me ask you this... What is YOUR email open rate? Are you looking to improve those numbers? Do you have a strategy in mind, or could I help? Let's reach clients in a more useful way.  

Website testimonials (Case Studies)

Are your current clients raving about you? Share their great stories to help turn potential clients into loyal ones. Everyone loves a great story! Tell the world why choosing YOU makes a difference. Today's clients want to resonate with your business, and connect with a real success story. Let me craft your client's success story for you to share with new prospects. 

Social Media

Want an engaging presence on social media but don't have the time or the skills to manage it all? You're not alone. Current clients will love the interaction, and new clients will be buzzing with excitement! Best of all, your time will be freed up to practice your craft. If you are not advertising your services or engaging with your customer-base on multiple social media platforms, you are missing out on marketing magic!

Websites: Content, Articles, and Blog Posts

How well is your current content working for you? Whether you'd like to freshen up what you already have, or you're looking to keep the content steam flowing - I can help. When's the last time you took a hard look at how well your website was working for you? Let me help you with a website audit or a content refresh. You'll be amazed at how keyword optimization can help drive customers to your site!

Previous Client Samples

Click to view any of the content marketing samples below, including a newsletter and a research article. Don't see what you're looking for? No worries - additional samples are always available upon request.