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Plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine copywriter

Who I am...

My name is Colleen Mulvihill. I am a mom, a wife, a warrior of sorts. A staunch believer in alternative, complimentary, and holistic solutions to all-too-common ailments. I know your prospect because I am your prospect. 

I spent over 25 years in public safety as a career firefighter. In order to stay fit and healthy, I became a student of proper nutrition and wellness. I achieved my certificate in holistic nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. From there, teaching others became my passion. I became a personal trainer and nutrition coach for my peers in the fire service. I was our department's first ever health and wellness officer. This was where I developed my love for writing, for reaching the masses with my message.

I teach through example by living a plant-based lifestyle. I help others understand through the written word. Writing is a passion, and combining the two is my kind of bliss! 

Plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine copywriter

Why I'd be a great addition to your team...

I'm an AWAI trained copywriter, certified by the best in the business. With a background and certification in holistic nutrition, fitness, and emergency medicine, I see the world through multiple lenses. 

I've steeped myself in wellness studies, and I'm passionate about getting new messages out there to those looking for a solution. I am results driven, and always open to fresh new ideas. I speak vegan and vegetarian, and I choose a plant-based lifestyle. You can trust that I understand your message, and live it too!

Plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine

My passion, your solution...

Like you, my goal is to help those seeking alternatives to mainstream medicine through proper nutrition and lifestyle management find the best solutions. Chronic illness plagues our country. People are sicker than ever. 

You have the solutions, so let's get them out there! Let's work together to deliver them in new and fresh ways. I excel in a collaborative atmosphere and am responsive to your needs - I will be your voice. 

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